Dangers of Teen Drinking and Driving


Teens these days can be quite advanced in what they know and what they do. However, many teens, while loaded with knowledge, often lack good judgment. This especially applies to drinking and driving. It is well know that alcohol impairs judgment and motor skills. When you combine impaired judgment with poor judgment to begin with, you have a most dangerous combination. Because of this, there are alarming statistics out there on teen drinking and driving. Prevention and education are key to making the streets safer for our children. Teens often drive under the influence because they believe that they are invincible. They also drive and do not ask for help for fear of punishment or retribution by parents. While parents should not encourage or accept a teen who drinks alcohol, parents at time need to let their children know that safety is paramount to everything else. If your teen or a friend of your teen needs a ride or assistance, make sure that your child knows that you will be there day or night for a ride. It is far preferable to pick up your child from a party or a friend’s house late at night than an emergency room or morgue / medical examiner’s office later. You can read more about the problems of teen drinking and driving at Teenage Drunk Driving Risks.