Dangers of Spring Break – Chaos at Burger King and Other Locations


A bikini-clad girl allegedly started an uproar at a Burger King in Panama City, Florida, which turned into an all out food fight. The woman was identified as Kimesa Smith from Alabama. The incident was captured by cell phone video and later posted on YouTube. The video shows Smith and other women attempting to rush the cooking area of the fast food joint (Burger King) after Smith allegedly claimed it was taking too long to cook her order. The woman in the video is pictured jumping onto the counter and tossing objects. Her acts ignited onlookers and started a full on brawl, leaving the floor of the restaurant covered in ketchup, soda, burgers and fries. Police officers were called to the scene and Smith was subsequently arrested and charged with battery. This fight comes only a few weeks after a woman from Broward County, Florida, lost control in a Burger King over her order. For more information read Spring breaker starts food fight at Burger King in Panama City, Florida.

This is the time of year when teens and college students are going on spring break vacation, Florida being a popular destination choice. If your family happens to be vacationing during this time try to keep your children away from establishments that cater to young spring breakers. Sometimes these environments are not necessarily appropriate or safe for young children.