Dangers of Semi Tractor Trailers – Husband and Wife (Blanch Whiddon and Brandon Whiddon) Die After Crash


Blanch Whiddon and James Whiddon were the unfortunate victims of a trucking accident that took place on New Kings Road near Moncrief Road in Jacksonville, Florida. Witnesses reported that the semi tractor trailer failed to obey the traffic signal and violated the Whiddon’s right of way. Wife dies after wreck that killed husband in Jacksonville, Florida.

Trucking accidents can be avoided with slower speeds, better attention, and compliance with the rules of the road and traffic signals.

One major problems with roadways in Jacksonville, Florida and the rest of the United States is the disparity in size between vehicles on the road way. Just today, I saw a gentleman driving the new Smart car that is put out by Mercedes Benz. While I have heard that the Smart car received good safety ratings, the Smart car is no match for a Hummer, SUV, dump truck, commercial vehicle, or semi tractor trailer.

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