Dangers of Rock Climbing Structures and Importance of Child Safety


A boy was seriously injured in Auckland, New Zealand after he fell off an indoor rock-climbing wall. The boy, who was in serious condition after sustaining injuries to his head and an arm, was taken to a nearby hospital. The fall is allegedly the result of the boy ascending the climb without having his connection to the rope checked by an adult. Gavin Harris, the operations manager of the climbing venue, said the accident resulted from a breach in procedure as opposed to a mechanical failure.

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Activities such as rock-climbing are fun and great exercise for children. However, these types of activities are also inherently dangerous. Parents and guardians as well as employees at climbing facilities need to stress the importance of the safety precautions. Although these precautions may be time-consuming and can seem mundane and formalistic, these safety procedures are in place for a reason – the procedures save lives and reduce injuries.

Hopefully, this child will make a quick and fully recovery. However, the issue of medical bills is ever-present is situations similar to this. Who should pay the medical bills? Does this include past and future medical expenses? What if the child suffers from permanent disabilities as a consequence of the fall? These questions should be answered by a Child Injury Lawyer in your area. If you or you child live in Jacksonville, Florida and have incurred injuries in a situation similar to this one contact a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer for advice, consultation and legal representation.

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