Dangers of Pool Drains – Importance of Strong Laws and Regulations to Protect Children


Child safety advocates and parents are upset with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s position regarding pool and hot tub safety involving drains. The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act was enacted in 2007. This law required that public hot tubs and pools have drain covers and a back up system in place if the drain has an obstruction in place. The CPSC has interpreted this law to eliminate the need or requirement for a back up system. By having a back up mechanical system in place, suction related personal injuries and deaths to children can be prevented.

Some suction or drain related deaths have resulted right before the very eyes of parents who were rendered helpless by the mechanics, force, and physics of the situation. Safety measures are vital to protecting children in swimming pools and spas. While supervision is a key element to child safety, construction and mechanical standards are very important as well. You can read more about this story at Swimming Pool and Spa Safety Advocates Upset with CPSC Interpretation of Safety Standards.

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