Dangers of Playing with Guns and Talking on the Phone – Florida Teen Accidentally Shoots Himself and Dies


The Florida Times Union Newspaper and the Palm Beach Post Newspaper have reported that a 16 year old West Palm Beach teen shot himself accidentally while talking on the phone. The name of the teen was not released but it appears that he was playing with the gun when it went off. He was found dead at his home. It is truly a sad story. First, a 16 year old should not have a gun or access to the gun. Second, anyone who is handling a gun should be fully concentrating on the responsibility and dangers of handling a gun. As such, it is never a good idea to talk on the phone, watch television, or do any other type of activity that distracts you from the dangers of a gun. Many children die or are serious injured every year as a result of accidental shooting incidents. Keep guns locked up at all times. Keep guns away from children. Do your best to teach your children of the dangers of guns for their safety, protection and welfare.