Dangers of Parking Lots and Saving Parking Spaces – Miguel Neira Arrested for Misdemeanor Battery in Lehigh Acres, Florida


Parking lots in Florida shopping centers and other areas can be dangerous for children and adults alike. People are in a mad hurry to find the best parking spot. Some people would rather drive around in circles and look for a parking spot rather than just take parking spots a little further away. Some shoppers even go to the extreme of having a friend or family member stand in an open parking spot to save the parking spot. This can be a dangerous thing to do. People can be quite mad and possessive over parking spots that they think belong to them or that they find first. In Lee County, Florida, Miguel Angel Neira was charged with misdemeanor battery. Mr. Neira was accused of hitting a man in the knees with his vehicle over a dispute involving – yes you guessed it – a parking spot. Unfortunately for Mr. Neira, there were also independent witnesses to the incident.

You can read more about this story at Man Hit by Car While Trying to Save a Parking Spot in Lehigh Acres (Lee County) Florida.

Be a role model for your children and park in available parking spots. Walk the extra distance rather than get in an argument over a parking space.