Dangers of Leaving Children in Hot Cars in Florida and Other Southern States – Hyperthermia and Death


Every year, children die in Florida and other States from hyperthermia which is a condition where the body absorbs more heat than it can handle. Hyperthermia frequently occurs when a child is left in a hot car. This type of child injury in Florida can be avoided with common sense. In Florida and other Southern States, it can be hot enough to cause the death of a child for most of the year. Recently, in Kentucky, a 2 1/2 year old died in his grandmother’s car while his grandmother went to work. Coroner, Boy, Age 2, Dies in Car While Grandmother at Work.

In addition to hyperthermia, there are other dangers of leaving a small child alone in a vehicle which include abduction, suffocation, wandering away, choking, and many other dangers. Keep your children safe, cool, hydrated, and close to you at all times. Leaving a small child in a car alone is just not safe.

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