Dangers of Jacksonville Florida Bus / Van Day Care Transportation


A Jacksonville Florida day care center (Kids Creation Day Care) was caught by local officials cramming 38 children in a bus / van with a capacity for 15 children. An employee at Chuck E. Cheese observed the overloaded bus / van and called the police. The employee should be commended for identifying the problem and contacting officials. Too many day care centers and school place Jacksonville Florida children at danger and at risk for injury and death by overloading bus / van transportation. There is no excuse for such acts. Get another van. Pay the money and protect the children. It is fortunate that there were no auto accidents resulting in injury. If you see a problem with the transportation of children by any day care center, school, or other group, call the police. You can read more about this story at Florida Day Care Center Faces Fine After Cramming 38 Tots in a 15 Passenger Van at the AHN (All Headline News) Website by Linda Young.

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