Dangers of Inflatable Slides and Bounce Houses at Parties and Amusement Centers


The number of child injuries and death caused by inflatable amusement rides, such as inflatable slides, moon bounces, and bounce houses has increased since 1997. A study reported by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) revealed that injuries resulting in emergency rooms visits have increased from an estimated 1,300 injuries in 1997 to 4,900 in 2004. From 2002-2005 CPSC reported 4 deaths caused by inflatable amusement rides: 5-year-old killed after falling off an inflatable obstacle course head first; 18-year-old died after falling off an inflatable slide; 21-year-old died after breaking his neck while jumping in an inflatable bounce; 24-year-old killed after he fell off an inflatable climbing wall and struck his head on the pavement. To read more about this topic see Dangers of inflatable amusement rides.

These inflatable devices are usually found at fairs, carnivals, parties, and other events. Children and adults need to take extra precautions if they intend on using these inflatable amusement rides. Parents, care takers, babysitters, and the people who own these rides should limit the number of people allowed in a moon bounce; the less people in the moon bounce the safer the device is. As for the climbing inflatable devices, people using these should be aware of the device’s surroundings: Is there a safety harness to attach to you? Is the climbing device surrounded by concrete or safety barriers? If the device looks old or unsafe, children should avoid using these rides in general.

Safety precautions and supervision are key to keeping children and people safe on inflatable slides, bounce houses, and moon bounces. It is well known that children have poor safety awareness. As such, supervision and control by a responsible adult are necessary to prevent serious child injuries from inflatable slides, bounce houses, and play areas.