Dangers of Hyperthermia in Florida and Other States During Summer Months


Hyperthermia is a health condition that occurs when the body produces or absorbs more heat than it can dissipate and can be caused by prolonged exposure to heat and humidity.
Causing more fatalities per year than lighting and tornadoes, the risk of hyperthermia is present on a daily basis. Just recently in Oklahoma 12 people were reported dead due to hyperthermia. The heat just sneaks up on people working outside, potentially plunging them into heat exhaustion, said Dr. Joshua Payne, emergency room physician at Mercy Health Center. “They’re outside working in the yard or having fun, and they don’t rehydrate,” he said. “They get sweaty, get some fatigue. They get cramps and they’re not feeling well.”

Tragically, many cases of hyperthermia occur with children being left in the car alone. Physicians say that it only takes take 10 to 15 minutes in the summer time for a car to reach temperatures capable of causing hyperthermia, and with a documented 27 deaths per year it is something that parents must take notice to. For safety tips on how to prevent your children from being a victim, see NHTSA Safety Tips.

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