Dangers of Guns in the Hands of Child – Accidental Shootings Due to Lack of Supervision and Gun Safety


In the United States, there is a constitutional right to bear arms. In other words, there is a long history and legal basis for gun ownership in the United States and Florida. With these rights come responsibilities as well. A gun, in the hands of an inexperienced person or a child, can lead to deadly consequences. The Orlando Sentinel – Walter Pacheco, Writer – recently posted a story titled Guns in Young Hands: Consequences Can Be Deadly. The news story had some interesting analysis and information about recent shootings and deaths in the Central Florida area. One incident involved a Cocoa, Florida girl who was accidentally shot when a gun was discharged and sent a bullet through a bedroom wall of a mobile home and into the kitchen area where the 13 year old girl was standing. Gun owners should properly secure all guns away from the reach and use of a child unless the child is being well supervised and the gun is being utilized or handled in a very controlled environment. The Department of Justice reported that over 700 teens died from firearm shootings in 2008 and over 600 died in 2009.

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