Dangers of Florida Surf and Waters – Father Drowns Teaching Kids to Surf in Daytona Beach, Florida


Florida’s beaches and oceans are enjoyed by residents and tourists alike throughout the year. Unfortunately, many lives are lost every year due to drownings in Florida’s oceans, rivers, swimming pools, and other water ways. The Volusia County (Florida) Beach Patrol reported that Richard Kerr drowned while in the Atlantic Ocean teaching his children how to surf. The incident took place in a location where there were no lifeguards posted on a day in which there was a strong current. Labor Day Weekend brought with it thousands of people to Volusia County beaches. It was a busy weekend for the lifeguards and for the Volusia County Beach Patrol.

Tragically, Richard Kerr was not breathing when he was brought ashore. He was later transported to the hospital where he as pronounced dead. The death of this father is certainly a great loss for his family, his community (St. Petersburg), as well as for the Daytona Beach community.

Whether the swimmer is an adult or child, due care should be followed when swimming or surfing in Florida’s oceans. Not all beach areas are patrolled by lifeguards. Furthermore, the surf on some days are much rougher than others. You can read more about this story at St. Petersburg Florida Father Dies While Teaching Kids to Surf in Daytona Beach.

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