Dangers of Florida School Bus Stops – Kissimmee Teen Hit by Vehicle


In Florida and other States, it is vital that all drivers exercise due caution and safe driving when driving near a Florida school bus. It is well known that Florida school buses make frequent stops. Furthermore, where there are school buses – there are usually children. Slow down and pay attention to the location of a Florida school bus. The few extra seconds that a driver takes to slow down or stop can make the difference between the life and death of a child. Tragically, in Kissimmee, Florida, a 13 year old was hit by a vehicle in the location near Wellington Woods Circle and Carroll Street. See Child Struck by Vehicle in Kissimmee Florida. It was reported in the Orlando Sentinel that the driver of the vehicle failed to stop for the school bus.

For the safety of school children, it is vital that all drivers obey the various Florida Traffic Rules and Regulations pertaining to driving near school buses. Furthermore, drivers should use their common sense of safety and just slow down. This applies to all areas where children walk, ride their bicycles, and play. You can about the various laws pertaining to school buses and other rules of the road at Florida Traffic Laws and Regulations.

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