Dangers of Falling Televisions and Other Household Items to Toddlers and Small Children


An 18-month-old girl of Titusville, Florida escaped serious personal injury after a 19-inch television set fell on top of her. The mother of the child said the television set was sitting up top of a desk when and “just came down,” falling on top of the child. Paramedics treated the young girl and then took her to Parrish Medical Center in Titusville, Florida, for observation.

This was the third incident involving a child being struck by a falling television set in Brevard County, Florida, since June. In June, a 2-year-old boy was fatally injured after a 100-lb. television set fell on top of him, police rule the incident an accident. Then, in October, a 9-month-old boy of Palm Bay sustained personal injuries after a 32-inch set slipped off a small TV stand, striking the toddler in the face. If you would like to read more on this topic please see Falling TV sets are posing serious risks for young children.

Popular household items can pose serious risks of personal injury to children. A key way to prevent a child from being injured by these household items it to be aware of what household items are dangerous for children and how to keep children out of harm’s way. Parents should ensure that play areas are safe and gate-off or otherwise prevent a child’s access into areas of the home that have not been child-proofed. If you would like to read more on household safety please see Safety Tips to Prevent Accidental Injuries to Kids – Advise from the Florida Department of Health and Safe Kids.