Dangers of Drugs (Methadone) to Children – 2 Year Old Boy Dies from Methadone Left in a Sippy Cup in Jacksonville, Florida


In Jacksonville, Florida, a 2 year old boy died when he came in contact with Methadone that was stashed in his sippy cup by one of his caregivers. The caregiver – Dana Michell Anderson, according to news reports, admitted to leaving 80 mg of Methadone in the sippy cup. When the father arrived home, he found the child (Masia Wright) unresponsive. The father took the boy to the hospital who was pronounced dead on arrival. Subsequently, the caregiver was charged with Aggravated Manslaughter.

The use of drugs and / or alcohol by any child care provider can lead to poor supervision and poor judgment in caring for children. While there is no indication that there was any intent to harm the child, the end result is still that that a child died.

You can read more about this story at Child ODs on Methadone Left in his Purple Sippy Cup.

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