Dangers of Choking from Candy Products – Safety Tips for Halloween and Beyond


Halloween brings with it a festive day and night of parties and trick or treating. Kids come home with sacks of candy that could last them quite a long time. The American Medical Association issued tips to prevent food / candy choking in small children.

Children under the age of 4 should not be given hard smooth foods like sunflower seeds, nuts, popcorn, hard candy, and some raw vegetables. Soft foods that pose a danger include grapes, hot dogs, sausages, and peanut butter. Choking can occur when the child is not paying attention or is playing inside or outside the house while eating. It is especially important for Florida pre-school teachers, aides, day care and child care workers to closely monitor meals and snacks of young children. Dangerous foods are often sent in with the child or a classmate. It is amazing that one small grape and other foods can change the course and quality of a child’s life due to the risks and complications of choking incidents. I know a family in Jacksonville, Florida who had a young daughter in a pre-school program. The daughter had a choking incident as a result of a grape that got stuck in the child’s airway. Fortunately, the little girl survived and is doing fine. A few wise and quick thinking day care / child care workers came to the rescue and dislodged the grape out of the child’s airway.

You can read more about these tips at Gum and Candy – Cause of Choking in Children – reported that the Colorado State Web Site.