Dangers of Choking for Children: What Foods / Objects Are Choking Hazards to Children?


Small children are at risk for choking on every day foods. In particular, choking risks are increased with hard objects like candy, hot dogs and carrots. Because of the development of child and the size of their airways, parents, day care providers, and other child care providers should be observant of what the child eats and be ready to address any potential choking hazards or incidents.

Vincent Iannelli, M.D. – an author and Board Certified Pediatrician, wrote an excellent article that provided a list of foods and objects that pose a choking risk for children. (See Choking and Choking Hazards for Children) The list included the following:

-hot dogs
-raw vegetables
-whole grapes
-large cubes of cheese
-hard candy and gum
-soft candy like caramel
-marbles and small balls
-parts of balloons.

Child care providers should be careful to supervise what is given to a child and what is accessible to a child. A bag of grapes or carrots left in a purse on the floor can easy lead to tragedy and personal injuries to a curious child.