Dangers of Cell Phones in the Locker Room – Protect Your Florida Children


A disturbing incident took place in Ponte Vedra Florida recently. Ponte Vedra is located just South East of Jacksonville. It is a nice place to vacation and live with great beaches, restaurants and homes. Unfortunately, the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club was the site of the arrest of Andrew Warren Hahn, 24, who was charged with video voyeurism for taking photos of a 3 year old and 8 year old in the locker room. Mr. Hahn was confronted by the father of the children and later apprehended by security guards. He was later arrested by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. It appears that Mr. Hahn’s cell phone will be a primary piece of evidence for the criminal case.

As a parent and Florida child injury lawyer, I am most concerned about the actions of Mr. Hahn and will advise parents to stay close to their children in any situation where strangers may be present to commit lewd acts.

The events at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club should prompt parents to stay close to their children and to ask any questions when something unusual takes place. The father of the children did a good job of confronting Mr. Hahn and getting the security involved to apprehend him. Hopefully, Mr. Hahn had not done this in the past at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club. Obviously, if the evidence confirms the allegations, Mr. Hahn should not be allowed back in the club or around children for that matter.

You can read more about the incident at the St. Augustine Record at Jacksonville man arrested on video voyeurism charge

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