Dangers of Alcohol Intoxication – Risks of Injuries and Death to College Students


On college campuses across the United States including those in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, there is a dangerous tradition of sorts that puts college students at risk for personal injuries and, in some instances, even death – excessive drinking. Even when a child enters college, there are still times when the child lacks good judgment and safety awareness. This is especially true when it comes to drinking and parties. Whether due to peer pressure or other influences, the level of alcohol consumption at a party or other event can present dangers and risks. Tragically, in some cases, the excessive drinking leads to serious personal injuries and even the deaths of college students.

In some instances, a legal case may be pursued if the party was hosted by an organization, fraternity, or other group. If it can be shown that there was negligence on the part of others that significantly contributed to the alcohol over drinking or binging, there may be a legal case to pursue on behalf of the injured college student or of the family of the college student if a death resulted from the over drinking. There may also be aggravating factors when the student was under the legal drinking age at the time of the incident.

A tragic death was recently reported of a college football player from St. Augustine, Florida. It was reported that Kyle Allen, who was attending Presbyterian College, was found unconscious in a fraternity house. The incident took place in Clinton, South Carolina. Kyle was a well liked and popular student at St. Augustine’s Menendez High School where he also played football. He carried this personality and his aspirations onto college at Presbyterian College. The death of Kyle Allen will be deeply felt in St. Augustine (St Johns County), Florida, his neighborhood, the college campus, and the community. See Football Player Died of Complications Due to Alcohol Intoxication.

When a child or family member dies, the loss to the family is immense. This is especially true when the death is completely unexpected. If it is shown that negligence was a significant contributing factor to the incident or death, the family may be able to pursue a legal case to seek damages and compensation for the wrongful death of the family member. These cases can be quite complex and typically require the services of a Personal Injury Attorney for advise and legal representation regarding the myriad of issues that arises regarding these cases.

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