Dangers for Jacksonville, Florida Pedestrians and Bicyclists


A recent article posted at the Florida Times Union Website focused on the dangers and statistics involving personal injuries to bicyclists and pedestrians in Jacksonville, Florida and other cities in Florida. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles maintains statistics on personal injuries suffered by pedestrians and bicycle riders. In 2008, in Jacksonville, Florida alone, there were 566 pedestrians and bicyclists who were hit by vehicles in 2008. Of this number, 20 died from the accident related personal injuries. In 2009, these figures rose to 604 pedestrians and bicyclists who were hit by a vehicle with 29 dying from accident related injuries. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office also maintains statistics as to injuries and fatalities. According to JSO, there have been 124 bicycle riders and pedestrians who have been killed in Duval County since 2006.

Many of these automobile / bicycle / pedestrian accidents and injuries could have been prevented with better safety awareness and driving on the part of drivers. Driver distraction is a huge problem in Jacksonville, Florida and other areas. Mobile phones, text messages, e mails, and web surfing all play a part in the rampant problem of driver distraction.