Dangerous Florida Store Displays Cause Eye Injuries to Children and Adults


Stephen Stock, a television news reporter from Channel 4 in Miami, Florida, completed an investigation into eye injuries sustained as a result of unsafe display hooks at retail stores. The CBS 4 ITeam Investigation revealed 59 injuries to children and adults. The hooks, which hold retail merchandise, were found in over 100 stores in South Florida and the rest of the nation. Large retailers like Toys R Us and Best Buy are currently reviewing their policies and display systems in light of the reported injuries. You can read more about this story at Dangerous Displays: Not Just Child’s Play.

Retail stores have a duty to maintain their premises in a reasonable safe manner. If the store owner / employees know or should know of a dangerous condition, measures should be taken to repair the area or post signs of the danger. I actually reviewed a case several years ago with another attorney who was handling a case with the same facts – eye injury from display hook at a retail store. Frankly, I did not realize how widespread a problem this was until I read the story by Stephen Stock. It is important to report the dangers of these hooks and injuries to retail stores so that measures can be taken to prevent injury to others in the future. It is also helpful to have the assistance and counsel of an experienced Jacksonville Florida personal injury attorney should you or your child suffer an injury as a result of the display hooks.

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