Danger to Toddlers and Small Children – Bullying and Day Care Centers and Pre-Schools


Does bullying occur at the daycare or pre-school level?

There are different degrees of bullying. On one end of the spectrum, you have a person who has just engaged in his or her first bullying experience and may become so torn by feelings of guilt about their behavior they may never bully again. On the other end, there is the persistent bully who will do anything to anyone to get what he or she wants.

Pre-school vs. Day care

There is a difference between bullying at the different facilities. At the pre-school level, it is important to distinguish bullying from a a child or toddler merely acting out. It has been suggested that to be a “bully” one must appreciate and understand what he or she is doing – lowering someone else’s self-esteem in order to get what they want. However, at the daycare level this distinction is not so apparent. Florida day care centers are comprised of children ranging from various ages and not just very young children who may not understand the full consequences of their behavior.

If a child has suffered personal injuries or harm as a result of bullying at a day care center, a child injury lawyer may be able to assist in reviewing and enforcing the legal rights of the injured child. When a child has suffered injuries, there are many issues for a parent to deal with including medical care, medical bills, and the suffering of the child.