Danger of Jaundice in Babies – Can Cause Brain Damage


Doctors find another reason why parents need to know the symptoms of jaundice in their children. Although most babies develop the condition when they are born it can cause permanent brain damage. Jaundice is a type of bile pigment which all of our bodies produce. The pigment starts accumulating in the blood and starts depositing in the skin. When a child starts to turn yellow, that is the first red flag that his or her body is having trouble ridding itself of bile. When jaundice starts to build up to a high level in the blood the condition has the possibility or reaching the infant’s brain. If jaundice continues, it can lead to a condition called kernicterus, which can cause permanent brain damage in the infant.

Here are the most common symptoms of jaundice, according to Dr. Renu Sharma, a neonatologist at Memorial Hospital: when a baby starts to develop yellow or orange skin, a baby is not feeding properly, or when a baby starts to appear lethargic or not as active as he or she should be. Other symptoms include unexplained fever, high-pitched crying, being uninterested in feeding and losing excessive weight. If you would like to read more on this topic please see Parents need to know the symptoms of jaundice, not knowing can cause permanent brain damage in your child.

It is important to keep all pediatric visits because tests can be easily performed to detect the presence of jaundice.

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