Danger of Cell / Mobile Phone Use – Semi Tractor Trailer Rear Ends School Bus in Marion County (Ocala) Florida


I previously posted two articles on a tragic semi tractor trailer and school bus accident in Marion County (Ocala, Florida).

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One child died and several others were injured. The investigation, to date, indicates that the truck driver was on his mobile cell phone just before crashing into the rear end of the school bus. Witnesses reported that the semi tractor trailer truck driver never applied his brakes before the crash. As such, it appears that the mobile cell phone may have distracted the truck driver from his responsibilities of driving safely on the street and to be on the look out for other vehicles especially those vehicles (like school buses) carrying children. Investigators will obtain the mobile phone records to further determine if the mobile phone played a role in the crash. Driver distraction is a daily problem in Florida as well as the rest of the nation. While technology brings with it many benefits, it also an added distraction to drivers on the road. It is also a distraction for pedestrians and bicycle riders. I previously posted an article about a teen who recently died when he was text messaging as he was walking down the street.
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Hopefully, lessons are learned from these tragedies. For the safety of children and the community, pay attention.

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