Danger of Being Hit On the Side of a Road In Jacksonville, Florida (Death of Pedestrian – Terrance Fowler)


In Jacksonville, Florida and other areas of Florida, it can be quite dangerous to be in or near a car that is pulled off on the side of the road. On August 19, 2008, Terrance Fowler, age 36, was standing beside his car with the driver’s door open when he was hit by a car driven by Maria Fonsica, age 41, of St. Augustine, Florida. This incident was reported by Matt Coleman, a writer with the Florida Times Union newspaper / web site. This death shows the importance of driving slow and moving to another lane when a vehicle is parked or disabled on the side of the road. The accident took place near Lem Turner Road and Interstate 295. The incident is under investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol. If you or someone you know has been the victim of an automobile accident, it is important to get the advise, counsel and representation of an experienced Florida personal injury lawyer to advise you of your respective rights. The death of Terrance Fowler is certainly a tragedy that the family will have to deal with especially since Mr. Fowler died at such a young age.