Cybercrimes, Child Predators and Sex Offenders Are Out There. Take Measures to Protect Your Children


Years ago, parents could protect their children from child predators by locking their doors and windows. A child predator could not get into a securely locked home. With technology and the internet, times have changed. Now, child predators and sex offenders now try to contact and lure our children through the internet. In addition to door and window locks, parents should take safety and security measures to make sure that child predators do not contact our children online via e mail, text messaging, social networking sites, gaming sites, and other internet avenues.

The Florida Attorney General Cybercrime website has great resources and information to educate parents and guardians against insidious criminals who creep around the internet looking for victims. It is difficult to keep up with technology and children often times know more than their parents about the computer and internet. Since criminals are educating themselves about the internet, parents should also educate themselves. Go to the Florida Attorney General’s Website and some of the links posted and take your best efforts to protect your children.