Crystal River Florida – 2 Year Old Girl Almost Drowns in Family Above Ground Pool


In sunny Florida, swimming is a favorite past time, both at public facilities as well as private residences. Pool owners must exercise the necessary safety precautions to prevent children from drowning. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, in the first few months of 2011, there have been 37 drownings and 38 near-drowning incidents reported. So many of the drowning and near-drowning incidents that happen every year are preventable and every drowning and near-drowning is a terrible tragedy

Recently in Crystal River, Florida, a two-year-old girl nearly drowned after she climbed a ladder and fell into her families above- ground swimming pool. Sheriff’s deputies performed CPR on the child until the paramedics arrived, and she was airlifted in critical condition to Tampa’s All Children’s Hospital.

There are many things that Florida pool owner’s can do to prevent child drowning and injuries around the pool. The first and most important thing a parent can do is to create a safe environment around the pool; parents should secure a barrier that will not allow children into the pool unsupervised. Because the vast majority of drowning happens when an adult is not looking (even for a short period of time), supervision is the primary tool of prevention for poolside accidents. Other safety tips include door alarms, knowledge of CPR, and safety drain covers in pools and spas. For more information on this topic, see Two-year-old nearly drowns in family pool.

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