Crowding in Cribs Links to Baby Deaths

Crowding in cribs has been linked to baby deaths according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Between 2002 – 2004, 241 infants died in nursery product related deaths with about 40 % of these deaths related to cribs.


The study found that deaths related to cribs included poor fitting mattresses, modified or old cribs, and the placement of too many pillows, stuffed animals, and / or toys in the crib. For more information about this study, you can go to Cribs Crowded with Pillows and Other Soft Bedding Linked to Baby Deaths.

Whether your child is in a crib in your home, another home, hotel, or day care, it is important to carefully examine the crib and its components. Make sure that the crib is not unnecessarily loaded up with toys and pillows that can suffocate the child or otherwise harm the child. Other people caring for your child may not know about this article or the risks involved of a ordinary stuffed animal or pillow. It is important to check your child’s environment for other safety hazards as well.

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