Crocs and Escalator Entrapment Injuries – Watch Out at Airports, Malls and Other Areas


Crocs are great, convenient, and relatively inexpensive shoes. Kids in Jacksonville Florida and across the nation wear crocs and love them. Unfortunately, there are reported incidents where children in Crocs have suffered personal injuries on escalators. A recent incident took place at the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport when 3 year old Lexi Pregliasco had her foot trapped on an escalator. The foot was trapped for 15 minutes (according to her mother) before airport officials could get it loose. Lexi was later diagnosed with three fractured toes which required surgery. There is a video posted at the WJXT News 4 Website that covers this incident – Girl, 3, Injured on Airport Escalator. There have been other reported incidents of Croc Escalator injuries as well.

Kathy, the author and founder of, also wrote an article about Crocs and Escalator Injuries. is a good resource to check out safety issues, product recalls, and child health matters.

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