Criminal Charges Against Men for Alleged Sexual Battery of Children in a Church – Whistle Blower’s Tip Leads to Arrest


Thanks to tips by a whistle blower, two men have been arrested and charged with assaulting teenagers in a church. The two men arrested are 56-year-old Paul Keith Groover and 45-year-old Darrell Vincent Moore, both pleaded not guilty to the sexual assault charges against them. According to officials, Groover’s father is a church leader at Greater Refuge Temple. Arrest warrants reveal that Groover is accused of molesting a boy for several years and texted the boy locations inside the church to meet him for sex. Moore is accused of raping several girls, including one at knife point. Both men are also charged with sexual battery, Moore is also charged with lewd and lascivious conduct. The reasons for the whistle-blower coming forward are unknown.

The men charged with these crimes will be entitled to the services of a Florida criminal defense lawyer or the services of the public defender’s office if they cannot afford to hire or retain a private attorney. It will be interesting to see what evidence supports the case other than the testimony of the whistle blower. It will also be interesting to see if other members or officials of the church knew or should have known of the alleged acts committed against these children.

Child abuse, both physical and sexual, can go on for several years. The consequences of this reprehensible conduct can last a lifetime for a victim. It is important for those who know or have suspicions of child abuse to come forward and reveal the conduct to local authorities. Going to your local police agency will prompt a criminal investigation and top the abuse. If you would like to read more on this story please see 2 men arrested for sexual assault on children in church.

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