Corporal Punishment (Spanking) Now Prohibited in Polk County Florida Schools


The year is 2008 . . . It took this long for Polk County Florida Schools to ban spanking / corporal punishment in the school system. Wikipedia defines Corporal Punishment as “the deliberate infliction of pain and suffering intended to punish a person or change his/her behavior.” Corporal punishment / spanking causes personal physical injuries and psychological trauma to a child. I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s. I have vague memories of other children being paddled in the school system. I remember classmates being called to the principal’s office and coming back tears and pain. It seemed old fashioned then and it seems old fashioned now. Our public school systems have problems teaching our kids reading and math. Corporal punishment / spanking should be banned.

Schools, day care programs, and child care professionals should protect the safety and well being of our children. If a child is injured due to the intentional act or negligence of a school, teacher, day care worker, or other person, consult with a Florida Child Injury Lawyer to find out your child’s respective rights.

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