Corporal Punishment and Paddling in Florida and the Rest of the Nation – State by State Analysis


In the last 50 years, education has taken great strides in progress. Despite these advances, corporal punishment, paddling, and spanking are still used to enforce rules and attempt to modify behavior in school districts throughout the United States. I remember as an elementary school student when friends and classmates were called to the principal’s office for discipline and paddling. The classmate would come back red in the face, upset, and crying. Back then and now, I think that it is a barbaric way to discipline a child at school and at home. Administrators and teachers need to use their resources to teach children rather than figure out effective ways to beat and abuse them. That being said, it is important for parents to study and know the county, school district, and state laws that apply to corporal punishment, spanking and paddling. I located a comprehensive list of laws for each state at United States – Legislation Dealing with Corporal Punishment.

Corporal Punishment sometimes causes physical scars and child injuries and in most cases caused emotional scars that can last a lifetime.

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