Coral Springs (Broward County), Florida Toddler Suffers Head Injury on Treadmill


A news story recently reported that a toddler suffered a head injury on a treadmill at a home in Coral Springs (Broward County), Florida. The Coral Springs Fire Department responded to the scene. There were not many details available regarding the incident except that the child was 17 months old and the incident took place at 900 block of Northwest 114th Avenue in Coral Springs.

This story does illustrate the importance of safety in homes, schools, day care centers, playgrounds, and other areas involving children. Parents and caregivers should do their best to safeguard their homes and view common items like furniture, exercise machines (treadmills) and other items as potential areas of danger to children. No all personal injuries to children can be avoided. This treadmill incident may have been just an unfortunate occurrence. Many other incidents, however, can be avoided with safety precautions and diligent supervision by parents, caregivers, teachers, day care workers, and others charged with the responsibility of caring for children.

You can read about the news story at Toddler Injured in Home Treadmill in Coral Springs, Florida (Broward County).

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