Congress Middle School Girls (Boynton Beach, Florida) Arrested After Fight on School Bus


Nine middle school girls from Congress Middle School were arrested after fight on bus. A fight broke out on the bus. When police later arrived to investigate, students refused to speak to the police about the fight that had taken place. Several of the girls yelled at others on the bus not to cooperate or speak to the police. School buses should be a safe haven for our children not a danger zone or a fight zone for students / children who decide to engage in fighting or violent behavior. Most school districts around the State of Florida have rules in place for bus conduct. Typically, there is a warning given to disruptive students. If the conduct is violent or there are repeated violations of school bus and safety rules, a student may end up being expelled from the bus and even the school. If there is a problem involving a school bus, you should research the local school board / school district rules to better understand the respective rights and responsibilities of the school and the students as it relates to school bus behavior and safety issues. You can read more about the arrests in Boynton Beach, Florida at NIne Congress Middle School Students Arrested After Fight on School Bus.