Cold Weather – Heat Lamp May Have Caused Deadly Fire in Clay County, Florida


In Florida during the few cold spells here, heat lamps and other devices are used to keep people and animals warm. A deadly fire was recently reported in Middleburg, Florida. The fire claimed the life of a grandfather and his 4 year old grandson. A teenage girl was able to escape the fire.

The Florida State Fire Marshal will conduct a full investigation as to the cause, origin, and preventability of this fire. According to initial news report, it is suspected that the fire may have been started by a heat lamp that was being used to keep a baby goat warm on the back porch.

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A fire of this nature can have a long term effect on the surviving family members. It was reported that smoke detectors were in place in the home. For more information on this Clay County Fire, see Grandfather and Child Die in New Years Eve Fire in Clay County, Florida.

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