Coast Guard Rescues 3 Year Old Boy Luke Finch – Father Faces Charges of International Parental Kidnapping


Kidnapping including parental kidnapping incidents can be quite frightening for the child, family members, and the aggrieved parent. These cases can be complicated when a parent, without consent and / or a court order, flees to another country. Many children are separated by a parent for years and even a life time under these circumstances. The United States Coast Guard recently rescued a 3 year old who was allegedly kidnapped by his father. It was not clear from the article posted at the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper Website but it appears that the father may have been on the way to Mexico with the child.

Fortunately, most parents act in the best in interests in the child even when there is a contentious separation or divorce. Children are often times innocent pawns in battles, disputes and arguments between parents.