Clay County, Florida Truancy Court – Goal is to Keep Kids in School


In Clay County, Florida, there is a truancy court that brings both students and parents to court to address the issue of school truancy or absences. It is the goal of the truancy court to keep kids in school and have them graduate. I agree with the mission of the truancy court if it results as a tool to keep kids in school which, in turn, will better educate the children. In nearby St. Johns County, Florida, a similar problem will be started which will work with students and family on truancy issues. You can read more about the Clay County program at Clay County Truancy Court Shows Promise in Turning Around Kids. Keeping children in schools helps keep them off the streets and out of trouble. School takes up a good bit of the day. When you factor in school related activities, clubs, sports, and friendships, school serves as a center piece for a child’s day and extracurricular activities.