Clay County, Florida – Parents Bring Infant to Meth Lab, Child Injured


Clay County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office executed search warrants that revealed three methamphetamine (meth) labs in three different Clay County locations recently. One location was a storage unit on Blanding Avenue in Orange Park, Florida, outside of Jacksonville; the other two were homes that are also located in the Orange Park area.

According to reports filed by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, three small children were found in the meth labs in two of the three searched locations. One of the children was a five month old infant.

The report goes on to describe the dangerous nature of meth production the labs were using, called the “one-pot method.” The report called it “extremely volatile and flammable” and certainly not an appropriate environment for a child. Both of the infant’s parents were present at the lab and were arrested; the child was taken into the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families.

All of the people present at the three labs were arrested and taken to the Clay County Jail. The extent of the children’s exposure to meth fumes or their injuries is unknown at this time. Small children are vulnerable to all sorts of environmental elements that can harm their growth and development. Parents must take care not to expose their children to unnecessary risk.

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