City of Alma (Bacon) County, Georgia Automobile Accident Shows the Importance of Safe Driving and Properly Installed Child Seats


A tragic automobile accident and death took place in Alma (Bacon County), Georgia. Five month old Kellan McCarty was the passenger in a SUV driven by Jade Nicole Lee, a 16 year old relative. The initial investigation reported that Lee lost control of the Chevy SUV. In response, Lee “over corrected” and ran off the roadway, into a ditch, and then into a tree. Kellan died as a result of the accident related injuries.

Georgia Highway Patrol also reported that the car seat was improperly installed in the vehicle. It is uncertain at this time if the car seat’s proper installation would have reduced or prevented injury to Kellan.

Kellan was airlifted to Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia.

Some tragedies like this can be prevented. Others are the unfortunate circumstances of weather, timing, and the sheer dangers of driving on the roads.

The story does show the importance of safety at all times. If you are not sure about the position, placement, or tethering of a car seat, you can contact various safety organizations and police departments for a safety check. See Alma child in improperly installed safety seat dies after crash.

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