Chuck E Cheese Sued Over Alleged Improper Supervision in Largo Florida


Businesses, theme parks, and amusement parks that market to children and their families have a duty to provide a reasonably safe play environment for the children. While a business is not responsible for every single injury that takes place, a business is legally responsible for injuries that take place due to improper supervision or maintenance of the facility. In some Florida cases, the negligence and resulting harm are clear and obvious. In other cases, there is a dispute over the liability and responsibility for the child’s injuries. In many of these cases, a lawsuit is filed so that a Judge / Jury can ultimately decide the legal and factual issues involved in such a case. A Florida Personal Injury Attorney can help a family with advice and representation on these type of child injury matters.

In Largo, Florida, it was reported that a lawsuit was filed against Chuck E. Cheese for an injury that took place at this restaurant / amusement facility. The parents alleged that the staff at Chuck E. Cheese was negligent in the supervision of the facility. The child was injured when she feel off the Hampster Wheel device in the play area. Another child was in the ride at the time. It was reported in the news story that the ride was made for the use of one child at a time. The child suffered dental and mouth injuries as a result of this incident. See Parent Sue Chuck E. Cheese for Personal Injuries to Child.

Pursuing a claim or filing a lawsuit against a big company like Chuck E. Cheese can be quite challenging. Typically, these companies have a risk management department and attorneys / claims representatives on staff that handle the investigation of claims. The safety of children should be the focus of the policies, procedures, and operation of a facility. When company policies and procedures are not followed, children often times are the victims of personal injuries. Many injuries can be prevented when policies and procedures are followed. Furthermore, a little common sense and due diligence can go a long way to preventing many child injuries from happening.

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