Children at Risk of Poisoning from Over the Counter Drugs and Prescription Drugs


In Florida and other states, many parents, caregivers, teachers, counselors, and day care workers may think that chemicals, insecticides, household products, cleaners, bleach and other products are responsible for the majority of poisoning incidents involving children. According to a recent study from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), medications are actually responsible for over two thirds of poisoning related emergency room visits involving children. This study shows the importance of safeguarding and securing medications – both over the counter and prescription – away from the reach of children. Medications come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. Small children may see them as candy. Children have poor judgment when it comes to medications and other potentially dangerous items. By taking basic safety precautions, parents, caregivers, teachers, and others can help prevent a serious poisoning incident that can lead to personal injuries and tragically in some cases death. You can read more about the CDC study at Medications Are Responsible for Most Poisoning ER Visits Involving Children.