Child Suffers Head Injury While in Foster Care – Arrest and Conviction in Bartow, Florida


The foster care system in Florida is in place to provide children (who have been abused or who are at risk for abuse) a safe haven. The State of Florida relocates children to a foster parent, who may or may not be related, for temporary short term as well as long term placement. Unfortunately, many foster children are abused, neglected, and seriously injured while under the care of a foster parent. Norma Jean Dillard, of Lakeland, Florida, recently pleaded no contest to charges of child abuse. Apparently, in 2006, a 3 month old child (Jayden Moreno) suffered two skull fractured while under her care. The child was removed from the mother’s care when she was arrested on marijuana and cocaine charges in Sebring, Florida. News reports were not clear on how the fractures occurred. Infants, who receive good and attentive care, usually are not taken to the hospital with skull fractures. The evidence was strong enough to convince Ms. Dillard to take a plea deal on the case. You can read the news report about this criminal case at Child Abuse Suspect in Florida Gets 15 Years Probation for Skull Fractures.

It is vital that parents, foster parents, day care providers, teachers, medical providers, and other care givers of children properly supervise and protect children (especially small children, toddlers, and infants) from abuse, neglect, and serious personal injuries.

When there is a report or incident of abuse, the State of Florida Department of Children and Families has a duty to investigate. In addition, law enforcement, the State Attorney’s office, and private attorneys are also involved in the matter. Personal injury attorneys frequently represent the interest of the child when the abuse or neglect results from negligence and / or the failure to properly supervise the child in a school, day care / child care program, neighbor’s house, friend’s house, and, even, a relative’s house. If there is a serious personal injury involving a child, it is important to consult with a Florida personal injury lawyer / attorney to make sure that the rights of the injured child are enforced.