Child Safety Law in Texas Should Help Save Lives and Prevent Child Deaths Resulting from Day Care Center Negligence


Jacob Fox was four years old when he died. Why he did he die at such a young age? He died after being left in a day care center van in the heat of a summer day in Texas. Avonda Fox, Jacob’s mother, made it a mission to help prevent tragedies like these from taking place again. Avonda Fox advocated for a law to be passed in Texas to protect other children enrolled in a day care center. Jacob’s Law requires day care workers involved in transporting children to complete a 2 hour transportation training course. It is estimated that over 30 children die every year as a result of being left in a hot car / hyperthermia. Hopefully, the training that is required by Jacob’s Law will help prevent serious injuries and wrongful death to children in Texas day care centers. You can read more about Jacob’s Law at Child’s Death in Dallas, Texas Day Care Leads to Law to Train Day Care Workers.