Child Punishment Video Leads to Arrest of “Mentor” in Orlando Florida


Some adults, caregivers, babysitters, teachers, and so called “mentors” have specific theories and philosophies of child discipline. In order to teach a lesson to a child, many adults go too far and cross the line form moral to immoral and from legal to illegal. Some have firm beliefs of their child rearing, child discipline, and / or corporal punishment of a child. In this modern age, some even posts acts that are criminal or abusive in nature on the Internet and Many people do not realize that such videos can serve as the prime evidence of a crime that can be prosecuted by the police and State Attorney’s office. In Orlando, Florida, one such video caught the attention of many viewers and, yes, law enforcement. See Child Punishmen Video Leads to Arrest.

When dealing with children, it is certainly no accomplishment or feat to humiliate a child. Hazing and corporal punishment amount to abuse and should be prosecuted when a child is harmed. Excessive and abusive behavior is just than no matter the reason, purpose, or the perpetrator.

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