Child Missing in Mandarin (Jacksonville) Florida Pond


The simple activity of riding in a small Jon boat in a pond can at times be very dangerous. This is especially true when there are children involved and no life jackets worn by the children. The News 4 Jax Website reported that police and firefighters searched a pond recently in the Mandarin part of Jacksonville, Florida for a child who fell out of the Jon boat. Actually, three children fell out of the Jon boat but only two were able to make it to safety. A good samaritan tried to find and save the third child but was overcome by his swimming efforts to save the child. The incident happened near the Woodbridge at the Lake Apartments. As part of this investigation, it would be helpful to know the following:

Who owned the boat?

What were the ages of the three children involved in this incident?

Where did the children reside?

What safety precautions were followed by the children?

What safety precautions if any were available to the children?

It is a tragedy any time that a child suffers serious personal injuries or death when the incident could have otherwise have been prevented. Practice safe boating every time and and any time that you are out on a boat.