Child Injury at Another Person’s Home – Is the Homeowners Insurance a Public Record?


My child suffered personal injuries at another person’s home is the home owners insurance at public record? This is an excellent question that is often posed to a Florida child personal injury attorney when a child is injured at another person’s house. The child injury may take place at a friend’s house, a relative’s house, or some other person. When this happens, there is often times hesitation or fear of asking the homeowner if there is homeowners insurance or the amount of homeowners insurance. In the State of Florida, public records are not kept as to each homeowners policy that is an effect at any particular time. There is a database for property ownership that is kept by the property appraiser for each Florida county. There is no similar website or database for homeowners insurance in the State of Florida. In order to find out if a person has home owners insurance and the type of homeowners insurance, it is often times necessary to either ask the homeowner for a copy of the homeowners insurance policy or information. Alternatively, an attorney can issue a letter to the homeowner and request that the homeowner forward the letter to the insurance company.

If a homeowner receives a letter from an attorney or another person requesting insurance information, the insurance carrier should be immediately contacted by the homeowner. Under the terms of most insurance policies, the homeowner has a duty to notify the insurance carrier or insurance company when there is a claim or possible claim that may be pursued by an injured person. If a homeowner receives a letter requesting insurance information regarding an insurance policy but fails to timely report this matter to the homeowners insurance company, the homeowners insurance company at a later date may deny coverage because the homeowner failed to cooperate with the investigation. In other words, the insurance company may argue that the homeowner prejudiced the rights and abilities of the homeowners insurance company to investigate the matter and because of this there could be a denial of coverage in the future. Because of the risk in failing to timely notifying homeowners insurance company of a possible claim, the homeowner should immediately report a possible claim or injury to his vizor her homeowners insurance company.

In civil proceedings or lawsuits pursued for personal injuries in the State of Florida, there is no privilege that attaches to the amount of homeowners insurance or the policy information for the homeowners insurance. So in summary, one way or another and accident victim can obtain the home owners insurance information and pursue an injury claim against the homeowners insurance if there is coverage for that particular injury.

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