Child Injuries Often Result from Lack of Adequate Supervision and Failure to Keep Children Out of Harm’s Way


Although many child injuries may be unintentional, the injuries are still preventable. According to Patricia Schnitzer of the University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that almost 7.1 million injury-related emergency room visits are made by children under 15 years of age. Most of these injuries result from inadequate supervision. Another focus of child injury prevention should be on improving caregiver skills. However, this area is problematic because no published guidelines for child supervision exist. Caregivers are merely just reminded to to provide constant supervision to toddlers and infants. Schnitzer said that one way to educate families and caregivers is to recognize those at-risk families – those families with low-income or education levels, and young or single parents. For more read Majority of child injuries are preventable.

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