Child Dies at Mud Bogging Get Together in Putnam County, Florida


In Putnam County, Florida, a tragic death was recently reported. The incident took place at Hog Waller, a business located in Putnam County which includes a family fun park with a mud bogging area. Landon A. Teitloff, age 3, was a pedestrian who was hit by a vehicle that was being backed up by the driver. The boy was transported to Putnam County Hospital where he later died. For more details regarding this pedestrian accident – See Putnam County Child Hit When Relative Backs Up Truck in North Florida. SInce a death resulted from this incident, the Florida Highway Patrol will conduct an investigation as to the cause and preventability of this incident and will later issue a Florida Traffic Death Report.

Accidents involving the backing up of a vehicle and a small child take place in Florida and other States. Often times, the driver does not see the small child as the person is backing up the vehicle. Many such incidents take place in drive ways for parking lots.

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