Child Care Worker Arrested in Brevard County Florida for Leaving 19 Month Old in “Hot” Van – Dangers of 102 Degree Heat to Children


In Cocoa (Brevard County), Florida, a day care worker (Rondalyn Dixon) was arrested for leaving a 19 month child unattended in a hot day care van. It was reported that the child was left in the vehicle for about 15 minutes. When deputies from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office arrived, the temperature was 102 degrees. Leaving a small child in a van in the brutal summer heat of Florida can lead to tragic consequences and even death to some children. See Leave a Child Alone in a Car Can Lead to Serious Personal Injuries, Death, and Prison Time in Florida. Day care centers throughout Florida and the rest of the United States need to go back to the basics when transporting children. Simply stated, make sure all children are properly on the bus / van and make sure that all children properly depart or are removed from the bus / van. The best way to protect children is to have written policies in place, have checklists in place, and follow them every time. When a bus driver departs a bus / van at the end of a run, the bus driver should check every seat and part of the vehicle to make sure that all children have exited the bus. Checking and double checking a simple checklist can and will save lives and prevent personal injuries to children . . . it will also keep day care providers from being arrested for neglect charges in leaving a child unattended in a day care bus or van.

You can read more about the arrest of the Cocoa, Florida day care worker at Child Forgotten in Hot Day Care Van – Worker Arrested. See also Day Care Center Transportation – Driver’s Logs Can Save Live and Preventing Deaths to Children in Hot Cars: What Can Florida Day Care Centers Do to Prevent These Wrongful Deaths?

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